Company Profile

"Unite the Shipping Centers through Local Knowledge"


Optima Chartering (the company’s maiden name) was incorporated in 1981 by Mr. Antony Roussos and Mr. Kostas Deinopoulos and since the first day of its establishment has gradually grown into one of the largest chartering companies in the Piraeus market.

With the establishment of the Sale & Purchase Department in 1996, the company expanded its activities in a developing market, so as to meet with the requirements of our Clients, who have been for a long time demanding complete and thorough services on every aspect of their shipping activities.

In January 2005, after achieving to become one of the biggest Shipbroking Companies in Europe and after working many years with both European and International Shipping Markets, Optima decided to broaden its horizons and proceed with establishing Offices in Far East, starting from Shanghai, China, which was at that time the forthcoming Shipping Centre in Asia. Such expansion marked the development of Optima’s activities in Newbuilding Projects and the cooperation with many significant Shipyards in the Region of China.

In September 2005 a new powerful team of young brokers has created the Tanker Chartering Department, with purpose to provide quality services in the market of Tankers.

After Shanghai Office started its business with the best possible auspices, Optima started aiming the Middle East Market, which was already familiar all these years for our Chartering Brokers. On November 2006 the Dubai Office was established which competed with the local market and within one year worked its way to the top, appointing Middle East as one of the most crucial Shipping Centers in the world.

Optima pursued its belief: “Unite the shipping centers through local knowledge”. South America was the target on 2008 and Optima’s Office in Brazil, and in particular in Rio de Janeiro became a fact, followed by the Singapore Office in September 2010.

Personal efforts, original ideas and respect for our Clients are some of the key elements that have helped us establish excellence in performance. Optima was created in order to reflect the widest scope of activities which the company is now involved in.

All these years, Optima provides the highest level of service to its clients, supported by a highly qualified and highly motivated personnel. The Company’s employees work constantly together to offer immediate, direct and complete services, through an integrated system of information technology. Optima was able to build up a team spirit, necessary to handle complex problems, improve the effectiveness and promote the best possible level of service and performance, which has been the stepping stone of the company’s rise into the Pioneer within the Greek Shipbroking Companies and one of the leading chartering companies in the world.