Bulk Carriers

Bulk Carriers – China likely to halt coal imports to support domestic producers and tackle environmental issues

A Chinese government document shows ports in the Luoyuanwan Port Area in Fuzhou have been prohibited from accepting imported coal cargoes since April 1, while traders say the nearby port Dongwu has received a similar order as well. Customs authorities in Fujian province have ordered local ports to stop receiving foreign coal, signaling an upcoming broader ban on importing such commodities in the country. The authorities have set up a meeting to “better explain” the matter to terminal operators and other relevant parties. The immediate effect of the ban could bring was limited because vessels could switch to other available ports, but the influence will increase, with the ban likely to extend to terminals in other regions. Earlier on February a Southern Chinese port had confirmed it received a notice from the General Administration of Customs of China requesting that all primary and secondary ports in China halt coal imports from February 15, although the imposition was later pushed back to the end of March. However, there is still the possibility of further delays.