Optima Finance by Optima Capital Partners

Availability of finance is a key ingredient for success in a capital-intensive industry like shipping. With the gradual exit of traditional banks from the maritime segment, obtaining competitive finance can be even more challenging. Optima Capital Partners has the necessary know-how to attract fresh capital and fuel a shipping company’s growth.

Traditional and alternative financing for shipping companies can be found today in more than one place. From newcoming banks, to hedge funds and Far East lenders. With ship values and freight markets recovering, options and opportunities for new finance are bound to rise.

Optima Capital Partners is equipped with the means to navigate this new terrain  offering financial support and value added services to a shipping company’s investment program in a new and innovative way. Optima Capital Partners acts as a financing consultant and economic adviser, finding suitable financing platforms, via debt or equity providing tailored solutions. Optima Capital Partners - among other solutions - may give you easy access to Chinese Lenders.

There are various options to attract capital into shipping today from debt issuance to private partnerships, to joint ventures, to leasing structures with BBHP options and IPOs. If its capital you require, Optima Capital Partners will try its best to give you access to it.