Optima NewBuildings

Optima has a key part to play when it comes to the business of the management of a newbuilding project. With a deep understanding of the latest newbuilding market trends, Optima can steer clients towards success.

Our well experienced team has completed newbuilding projects well in excess of 100 NB or else in excess of $8 billion.

From choosing the right type of vessel, to future-proofing the ship against the flurry of new environmental regulations taking effect in the coming years, making the right decisions can be both time consuming and counterproductive. Optima has set up a team of highly diversified and qualified people, able to assist you into making the right decision, both high-yielding and cost-effective. Optima can actively monitor the whole newbuildin.g process, providing valuable input during the pre-project research phase, while also offering consultation services to owners looking to maximize their ships’ effectiveness from a technical and commercial perspective. Acting as mediators, Optima can help resolve any challenges that may arise along the way and until the newbuilding is successfully delivered to its new owners.

A key part into achieving the best possible outcome has been the establishment of Optima’s Shanghai office, an integral part in the expansion of the company’s network. This has enabled the cooperation with all the major shipyard groups in the Far East, which is translated to a turnkey solution concept, by monitoring and consulting throughout the whole procedure of every newbuilding project. Financing options can also be part of Optima range of services, upon client request