Optima Repairs

Optima Repairs is a specialized department, ready to take care of every project and boost a ship’s long-term employment, using all tools available, from repairs and maintenance, to conversions and retrofitting.

Optima has built a strong presence in China. Optima Asia provides prompt and accurate information of the Ship-repair Industry, as well as direct contact with all the major local shipyards. Besides the Chinese shipyards, Optima has established partnerships with shipyards on a global scale, covering regions like the Middle East, Singapore, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. This has been achieved over the course of the past few years, with several projects undertaken by Optima’s network of offices in Athens, Dubai and Istanbul. This makes Optima an ideal destination for repair projects of any kind.

Optima offers a wide range of technical support services such as workshops in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Istanbul, West Africa, the Caribbean, Houston, etc. able to carry out repair inside Shipyards, cargo terminals, on anchorage or offshore.

Nowadays, retro-fittings are expected to take center stage, even for modern vessels, as a result of regulatory changes in Air Pollution from Ships and Ballast Water Treatment. These developments will require extensive market research and optimization so that the best decision is reached and Optima is the right partner for this.