Optima Valuations

Knowing a ship's value can be... invaluable. Optima’s diversified expertise will provide accurate valuations on any type of ship class, or market.

Professionalism is at the epicenter of Optima’s operations. Being able to rely on historical data acquired through decades of experience is significant when it comes to determining a ship's value. Optima has also been involved as a Sale and Purchase Panel Broker panelist at the Baltic Exchange, which brings additional know-how.
Optima’s day to day business includes working with banks, ship owners, insurers and other financial institutions. This puts the company in the best position possible to accurately approach any given ship's current market value. Valuations certificates are provided upon request and cover all major type dry and wet maritime vessels. Specialized tonnage may also be appraised on a case by case basis.

However, Optima goes one step further and can also provide its assessment of the future course of a ship's value, based on current demand/supply projections and the evaluation of dozens of various factors and parameters, which are influencing asset prices.