Optima’s Research and Consultancy service has been set up to bring reliable business intelligence to Optima’s brokers and to provide our clients with valuable information and analysis that can assist either short-term tactical or longer-term strategic analysis to the commercial needs of their specializing sector.

Optima’s brokers count on the department’s expertise and intelligence to build upon their competitive advantage and provide the best services available. The market analysts also work closely with our associates in Optima’s Capital Partners and deliver data and analysis in order to secure suitable investment solutions to clients.

We particularly focus in analyzing the dry, tanker, chemical and offshore markets by observing, forecasting and identifying commodity demand, seaborne trade flows, freight rates and possible investment opportunities. For our analysis and data accumulation, apart from our internal intelligence, we also cooperate with cutting edge data providers that enhance our insight into the various shipping market verticals.

Although we produce regular reports on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, our research team can provide bespoke research and in house presentations tailored to your specific needs.