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Our sizeable second hand ship sales team of 12 experienced shipbrokers is dealing with the majority of types and sizes of vessels including bulk carriers, tankers , container vessels and multi purpose ships.

The world wide network of correspondents that Optima has created within the shipping community, along with the use of all modern means of communication provides us with an excellent knowledge of the market and enables us to offer to our clients timely, with accurate and up to date information as well as a global coverage of any acquisition opportunity at a very early stage.

The close liaison with our dry cargo chartering department is giving us the ability to develop second hand projects , combined with period or short term employment to major charterers and we are very proud to say that Optima is one of the very few Greek Shipbroking firms that can offer such services.

Except for the second hand Sale & Purchase , the sale of ships for demolition is one of the departments' core activities. We enjoy enormous support from shipowners and A1 cash buyers all over the world (especially China/India/Bangladesh/Pakistan/Turkey) and it is a great honour for us to state that more than 400 ships have been sold for scrap through our sole intermediary during 1996/2005.

It is really a very big pleasure for us to state that since the establishment of the S&P department , we have managed to create a sizeable client basis amongst the Greek and international shipping companies and have dealt with some of the most prestigious companies world wide.

Our wide knowledge of the market and the bulk of information received allow us to act as ship valuators of bulk carriers and tankers and in this respect we are frequently called upon to provide evaluations for shipowners and financial institutions.

Our role as Sale & Purchase brokers at Optima is neither restricted in providing our clients with market information on ships to buy or sell nor negotiating a particular transaction on their behalf. We are trying to offer the little bit that makes the difference in our business, by providing our clients with quality services in a personal and professional manner, which should finally assist them on their vital decision making