Optima Research

Entrepreneurial thinking and in-depth market knowledge is at the heart of the Optima’s operations. Being able to detect the future trends can make the difference in today’s competitive business environment.

In depth knowledge of the past, present and future shipping markets’ course is what Optima’s research reports deliver on a weekly basis. Data accuracy and credibility are guaranteed through the company’s extensive network of offices, brokers and data analysts, who filter out any incorrect data, thus safeguarding the quality of information.

Optima’s focus are the dry bulk, tanker, LNG/LPG, S&P, Newbuilding, Demolition, Chemical and Offshore segments, which means that our range of services in unparalleled in the industry. Tailor-made reports are also part of the range of services offered, acting as a consulting tool, or simply as a point of reference for the future. Optima's Market Analysis & Intelligence team is the best partner when it comes to developing a winning investment strategy.