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Bulk Carriers – Strategie Grains lowers its monthly forecast for EU soft wheat exports

Strategie Grains lowered its monthly forecast for EU soft wheat exports this season as it factored in stiff competition on world markets and very slow shipments from Germany and Poland. The analyst firm projected 2017/18 soft wheat exports from the European Union at 22.3 million tonnes, down from 22.9 estimated last month and 24.1 exported in 2016/17. Meantime, the agency added that French wheat is also facing stiff competition on its main client markets from Russia and Argentina. Farm office FranceAgriMer cut its outlook for French 2017/18 soft wheat exports outside the European Union earlier on the week for the second month in a row to take account of intense competition on world markets. In its monthly supply-and-demand report the office put French non-EU exports at 9.5 million tonnes, down from 9.9 million tonnes estimated last month.